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Functional characteristics

{Of particular importance for the planning and realization of the tourist center Klekovača is the planned construction of the highway Banja Luka - Mliništa a distance of about 210 km (of which 180 km is within BiH), which allow connection to the existing highway Split - Dubrovnik.

The highway is part of Corridor E 661 (Balaton - Virovitica - Okučani - Banja Luka - Split). To connect with this highway, it is necessary to build the main road route, a distance of about 33 km. The nearest international airport is in Banja Luka 120 km, in the wider area there are airports in Zagreb (220 km), Split (135 km) and Sarajevo (220 km).

Energy systems

At a distance of about 120 km from the location of the planned tourist center Klekovača are three hydropower plants (Jajce I and II in the Federation and Bočac in RS), and it can be considered that the supply of electricity is provided for a longer period.

In the immediate location of the Tourist Center Klekovača is necessary to build a connection to the high voltage of a larger capacity. According to the technical recommendations of the competent power distribution company Elektroprenos BiH power required for this complex would be provided from the main transformer station (GTS) 110 / 20kVA recharged by an exit from the 110 KV the line between Drvar and Bosanski Petrovac.

In the overall balance of electricity required for the tourist center Klekovača separately have been observed following functional units:

  • Ski slopes with ski lifts and additional elements
  • Separate Mountain village
  • Central Zone in which there are hotels, hostels, air spa, gym, bars, typical apartments and villas, public garage and other smaller ancillary facilities.

Based on the assessment of the electricity needs of most consumers, according to current recommendations designed value of the power required for Tourist center Klekovača is: Sp = 17.28 MVA

Water supply

Water supply is directly connected with geomorphological and hydrogeological characteristics of the area. Tourist center Klekovača is located on the karst area where the surface water accumulates and flows through temporary flows along the ravine, and later partially infiltrates in to fracture of structures field.

At the site Klekovaca, on the basis of derived hydrogeological research of exploitation wells it is determined yield of wells of 15 l/s of underground drinking water.

Laboratory tests of water from the exploratory wells was determined their quality and it is classified as high-quality low-mineralized drinking water. According to the conducted technical and economic evaluation of findings, it was concluded that the drinking water, in the market and economic conditions, can be profitably exploited. Calculated balance reserves with a maximum annual production capacity meet the needs of tourist center Klekovača.

For the purpose of production of compact snow and process water in the summer period it is planned construction of three reservoirs in the area of the tourist center Klekovača, On the basin below the Veliko vrelo, in the basin below Suturlija and at the Crni potok. The calculated total required amount of fresh water in the maximum current consumption is 42.36 l/s.

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