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Contents of the TC Klekovača

TC Klekovača will offer several forms of skiing such as alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Ski slopes at Klekovača will be suitable for all types of skiers, from beginners to competitors.

Within the offer of ski resorts, in addition to trails for alpine and freestyle skiing will be regulated and polygons for snowboarders, with the possibility to try and in freeride, freestyle and freecarve styles. The second phase will include landscaping and ski cross-country skiing 17 km long. TC Klekovača will offer excellent conditions for all types of skiers and snow lovers, from beginners to competitors. For children is the planned construction of ski park with the trails for children, as well as the appropriate elevators, and other facilities.

Artificial snowing of ski trails will allow that ski resort works smoothly from December to March and will be snowed about 32 km of ski slopes. When planning the ski resort special care was given to the natural environment and landscape. The desire is to build a quality ski resort, but also to avoid additional earthworks and deforestation with the minimum impact on the environment.

For alpine skiing is planned 47 trails of varying difficulty and length. The construction of the trails will take place in three phases, so that in the first phase (Ia + Ib) to be prepared 27 trails with a total length of 34.8 km and will cover 101 ha, in the second phase 7 trails with a total length of 11.3 km and 26.90 ha, and in the third stage another 13 trails with a total length of 20.3 km and will cover 45.21 ha.

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Ski trails are mostly planned on areas over 1,500 m above sea level (minimum of around 1,000 m), where should pave the trail on northern exposures, in the lee and the wooded slopes. The sustainability of natural snow should be a minimum of 90 days. The longitudinal slopes of ski trails are 15-60%, binding ski routes at least 8%, and according to the average slope of certain categories of trails: blue (easy trail) to 25%, red (medium difficulty) to 40%, black (difficult trail) 40 -60%, while the trails of the average slope less than 25% characterized as a green ski trails or ski path. Ski trails are associated with the height transport installation in a single system, which provides access to ski resort with minimum of walking (skis, board or a conveyor belt etc.).

During works on the ski trails are planned protective measures against erosion, and, if necessary, shall be regulated surface water flows in the part of crossing the ski trails. The width of ski trails are standard 50 m (with safety belt on both sides 1-5 m), in certain sections, will be made a wider trails (about 100 meters), while through the forest trail can be less in width (30-40 m, on the length sections to 150 m). In harmonizing the capacity of the installation of height transportation and ski trails for every skier is provided a minimum of 200 m² for skiing. Ski paths are formed to connect the ski trails and have a smaller slope and width: the width of ski paths are 8-10 m, with protective zone 1-3 m, and the ski slopes of roads are usually 8 (9)% - 25%. The plan envisages construction of the ski polygon for skiers training, practice and, where appropriate, for smaller competitions, as well as extreme ski and snowboard disciplines.

Where it was necessary to comfortably connect parts of ski resorts are planned footbridges or ski tunnels. Technical solutions are compliant with the conditions of the terrain and needs (ski or ski-walking), so this concept in the first phase envisages two footbridges, as a "green bridge" construction, a minimum width of 10 m, with setting the conveyor belt if necessary. If necessary, the construction will allow the passage of snow stompers.

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Nordic skiing also requires specially designed and equipped trails, which will Tourist center Klekovača have in their offer. Competitions in Nordic skiing include the full range of length of trails, from the so-called sprint trails of a few kilometers, to a marathon of several tens of kilometers..

Discipline and competition rules prescribe and implement the International Ski Federation (FIS). They also organize and World Cup and World Championships. In phase 1b shall be regulated ski trails for Nordic skiing with total length of 17.05 km. It is anticipated equipping trails and to organize competitions in Nordic skiing and biathlon for which will be provided the appropriate auxiliary facilities (acceptance of competitors with the equipment, the personnel involved in the organization and monitoring of the race, restrooms, snack bars etc.), start / finish and a shooting range that will allow four shootings within the route of the 15 (20) km, dimensions about 50 x 50 m with a lap penalty for skiing in the immediate vicinity.

Starting plateau will be at least 12 m wide and 30 m long, the target plateau of at least 8 m in width and 30m in length, while the last 50 m width of the trail will be at least 9 m Ski track for Nordic skiing and biathlon will have a slope of 8-10% with a trail width of 10 m. Start line is organized so that each competitor has the same distance from start to finish, starting plateau will have at least 10 starting positions, the basic spacing of 1.2 m. In the vicinity of supporting facilities, or start / finish line of the route, will be ensured access to vehicles and parking.

Other contents

In the winter period, there will be other types of recreation and entertainment, daytime and nighttime sledding, snowmobile rides on especially marked trails and a horse carriage ride. It is anticipated outdoor skating rink, dimensions will be according to Olympic standards for playing ice hockey and will be available for recreational or figure skating and curling competitions, while in the summertime will be used as rollerdrome or field hockey. For children it is planned construction of Ski Park with trails, as well as conveyor belt length of 270 m, and other facilities. Fans of winter landscape will have a system of marked hiking and walking trails, scenic path and regulated viewpoints (length of trails about 21 km). After a day on the snow, guests will be able to relax in the wellness and spa centers.

Tourist center Klekovača will abound in activities most of the year, thanks to the excellent opportunities for the development of the summer tourist offer. For guests who opt for fresh mountain resorts and health resort, are prepared various programs for rest, recreation and entertainment. There are numerous sports courts, sunbathing, mountain wellness, pools, skate park, and will be able to enjoy hiking, cycling, horseback riding and carriage rides.

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Within the tourist center will be built several facilities for summer sports. It is planned construction of sports courts for: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and squash, golf course, indoor and outdoor pools, yoga, park, fitness trails and more. It is planned construction of a multi-purpose sports hall, intended for sports competitions and indoor recreation The hall size is 5,695 m2 and will be built on an exclusive location overlooking the central area of the zone with golf courses.

At the location of Mountain village will be built sports facility which will have a combined court, pool, whirlpool, sauna, rooms for cardio training, medical clinic and other facilities necessary for the comfort of guests.

The modernization of tourism infrastructure will enable and development of congress tourism This type of tourism requires a high level of service and quality in every part of the offer. High class hotels will be fully equipped with audio-visual equipment with a total of 9 conference rooms and 6 meeting rooms with a capacity for about 2,000 participants.

For adrenaline entertainment within the center is planned flying fox. Satisfaction will represent and summer toboggan where on the long track over two kilometers, overcomes a height difference of 305 meters. It is also planned and toboggan, situated in the central part of the lower part of the ski resort, with a capacity of 500 persons per hour, at a maximum rate of descent of 40 km. The experience of stay will complete adventure park on an area of about 3,000 m2, which will be located in the bottom of the ski trails, above the settlement Kozila near snow-boarding park.

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Klekovača provides excellent opportunities for paragliding. Takeoff is planned at the top of the Velika Klekovača and landing on the plateau Kozila. For visitors of Klekovača will be organized one-day and multi-day rafting trips on the river Vrbas and Una. Vivid karst terrain is also suitable for organizing expeditions in Petrovac field.

Area Klekovača in the wider area offers excellent conditions for hunting and fishing.  On the territory of forest estates Oštrelj-Drinić is hunting area of over 40,000 hectares and 689 to 1961 m above sea level. In the hunting area there are bears, wild boar, roe deer, grouse, grouse and other species.
Also, very accessible are destinations for those who love fishing, by organizing trips to the rivers Una, Pliva, Unac and Vrbas.