Thursday, 25 April 2024

The timeframe for implementation

In order to facilitate the realization of the concept of sustainable development of tourism in the destination Klekovača, general and certain specific objectives are defined to be achieved by contractors of the project.
The plan of the project is one of the components of each project

Its importance is not only reflected in the planning of the project, but also later on, during control of its implementation. The plan provides an overview of the schedule of all the activities that are necessary in order to achieve the project objectives. It is an important part of project planning, as it allows consistency and normal timeline of the project.

The very fact that the construction of TC Klekovača take a longer period of time it is all the more reason that all activities of implementation are clearly defined, and adherence to them is an important contribution to the success of the endeavor. Because of this, clearly are defined activities and deadlines for implementation of the project with responsibilities for their implementation, as well as the planned funds for their implementation.

The stages of the project implementation time

Due to the size of the project and its complexity, the construction of TC Klekovača will be implemented over a period of 12 years. Given the fact that many facilities are planned, the construction will be divided into three phases, wherein the first phase is divided into two sub-phases. In order to ensure full functionality of the Center, at all stages of the construction of accommodation facilities will be harmonized with the ski slopes and vertical transportation.

vremenski plan